Lord Byron's Grotto

Cave in Portovenere

La Grotta Di Byron
CC BY-SA 2.0 / Andrea

Byron’s Cave is a natural marvel nestled between the castle walls and St. Peter’s Church in Portovenere. This enchanting cavity delves 20 meters deep into the rocky terrain, creating a captivating and well-known attraction within the town.

Originally known as the “Harpy Cave,” its name was later changed in honor of the famed poet Lord Byron. It is said that Lord Byron found inspiration within this breathtaking location and used it to describe the privateer’s cave in one of his renowned poems.

According to local lore, Lord Byron embarked on an impressive aquatic journey from Byron’s Cave. Allegedly, he swam an impressive distance of 8 kilometers to reach his friend Shelley in the nearby town of Lerici.

Diving into Byron’s Cave offers a thrilling experience accessible to both experienced swimmers and beginners. The dive reveals an underwater panorama teeming with a diverse array of fascinating marine life, including crustaceans, anemones, and an array of vibrant and colorful small fish. This underwater adventure adds an extra layer of wonder to the already captivating surroundings of Portovenere.

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Visiting Lord Byron's Grotto

Address: Grotta di Lord Byron, SP530, Porto Venere, Portovenere SP, Liguria, Italy
Duration: 40 minutes

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