Mirador de Caballo Blanco

Viewing Point in Pamplona

Mirador De Caballo Blanco Pamplona Baluarte Del Redin
CC BY-SA 1.0 / Zarateman

Mirador de Caballo Blanco (White Horse Lookout), you’ll get incredible views of the old city walls, the Arga River, and the Great Pyrenees Mountains.

It constitutes the highest part of the Bastion of Redín, where a palace formerly stood, of which only the Cruz del Mentidero remains, a place of executions dating from 1500. The views are considered the best in the city, you can see the neighborhoods of La Rochapea, Chantrea and San Jorge, and in the background Mount San Cristóbal with its abandoned fort on the highest part. The Bastion of Redín was considered the best defensive point in the city and the most inaccessible of the entire walled complex. By having a star shape with three points, the cannons could cover all angles of fire. At each end of the star there is a sentry box of Renaissance design, the same as those of the Ronda Barbazana.

During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the wall was reinforced with new constructions, it was necessary to adapt the defensive apparatus to the new times and military apparatus. Thus, at the foot of the bastion, trenches were dug and new fortifications were built, such as the Bastion Bajo de Guadalupe, and further down, is the Revellín de los Reyes, a triangular fortification whose mission is to divide the attacking force and protect the walls by crossfire.

Due to its proximity to the Camino de Santiago, which enters the city through the Portal de Francia and goes up Carrer del Carmen, it is a place very frequented by pilgrims, who take a well-deserved break here.

White Horse mansion

That mansion that we see here, called “The white horse”, has not been here for a long time. It was erected in this place in 1961 using the stones and ornamental elements of what was the Aguerre Palace, demolished on Nueva Street in the Old Town.
The so-called Mentidero Cross was also placed here, of which only the base and the shaft remain, that is, that small column that survives in front of the building within its land. It was actually a pillory, a place of execution. It was built in 1500 for the place called “el Mentidero” (current confluence of Navarrería, Curia, Calderería and Mañueta streets).


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Visiting Mirador de Caballo Blanco

Duration: 20 minutes

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