La Taconera

Park in Pamplona

Taconera Pamplona
Public Domain / Luzaide

La Taconera is the most magnificent park located in the centre of Pamplona near the old quarter of the city. It was created in the year 1830 and occupies 90,000 sq meters. The park is rich with tree plantation, a variety of flowers and beautiful and intricate sculptures. The mini zoo comprises of deer, ducks, goats, pheasants, rabbits, swans, peacocks and more. La Taconera has a play area for kids and young adults with a fountain for drinking water. It also has a cafe that serves a wide range of beverages and pastries. The mesmerizing beauty of the park leaves its visitors with the feeling of bliss. The scenic beauty of La Teconera makes it a must visit in the city of Pamplona.

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Visiting La Taconera

Duration: 20 minutes

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