Venetian Walls, Bergamo

City Walls in Bergamo

Venetian Walls, Bergamo
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Venetian Walls of Bergamo or Mura Venete are a spectacular circuit is over six km long: it’s the perfect place to take a romantic walk and enjoy wonderful sunsets, and it has been enclosing the beauties of the Upper Town for more than four centuries.

The priceless artistic and cultural value of the Venetian Walls is demonstrated by their recognition as a Unesco World Heritage site.

They were built starting from 1561 by the Republic of Venice in order to face enemies attacks, but History was kind with them: maybe due to their stunning beauty, they never underwent any siege. That is why they remained almost intact to the present day.

The Walls consist of 14 bastions, 2 platforms, 100 embrasures for cannons, 2 armouries, four gates, not to mention the underground structures featuring sallies, passages and tunnels: don’t miss the chance to walk inside the Walls and to visit the casemates of San Michele and San Giovanni!

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Visiting Venetian Walls, Bergamo

Address: Baluardo di San Giovanni, Bergamo, Province of Bergamo, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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