Porta San Giacomo

City Gate in Bergamo

Porta San Giacomo Bergamo
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Porta San Giacomo (in Bergamo dialect Pórta San Giacom ) perhaps the most beautiful of the access gates from the Venetian walls to the upper city of Bergamo , it was built in 1592 , it is the only one in pinkish white marble from the Zandobbio quarry in Val Cavallina . The construction of the Venetian walls began in 1561 , and they had to be the protected outpost to the west of the territories of the Serenissima by the Milanese who after the death of Francesco Sforza II ( 1535 ) and the peace of Cateau-Cambrésis( 1559 ) had become a Spanish province .
The walls have four doors that make the entrance to the upper part of the city accessible: Porta san Lorenzo , Porta sant’Agostino , Porta sant’Alessandro and Porta San Giacomo, and until the mid- twentieth century when the Campanone struck at 10 in the evening. one hundred strokes, were closed.

From 9 July 2017, the Venetian walls became part of UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, in the transnational serial site ” Venetian defense works between the 16th and 17th centuries: Stato da Terra-Stato da Ovest Sea “.

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Visiting Porta San Giacomo

Address: Porta San Giacomo, Via Sant'Alessandro, Bergamo, Province of Bergamo, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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