Palacio de los Guzmanes (Ávila)

Palace in Ávila

Torreon De Los Guzmanes Avila
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Palacio de los Guzmanes is a Palace  in Avila, Spain, although better known in Ávila as the Torreón de los Guzmanes, or Tower of the Guzmanes.

Dating from the beginning of the 16th century, the construction of this palace was ordered by the Mújica lineage. It has an imposing quadrangular corner tower in Renaissance style, built in masonry and ashlar work and finished off with trefoiled merlons and machicolations. The palace also boasts overhanging lookout posts with loopholes on the corners, which shows its defence purpose.

Its porticoed central courtyard has two galleries with Tuscan Doric columns and depressed arches on the lower level and lintels on the upper level. It is decorated with coats of arms and large flowers.

It was designated a National Monument in 1983 and is currently used as the offices of the Provincial Council of Ávila. The former stables are now home to a Vetton Culture Interpretation Centre.

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Visiting Palacio de los Guzmanes (Ávila)

Address: Torreon de los Guzmanes, Plaza Corral de las Campanas, Ávila, Spain
Duration: 10 minutes

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