Puerta de Santa Teresa, Ávila

City Gate in Ávila

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The Puerta de la Santa owes its peculiar name to the fact that it is located in front of the birthplace of Santa Teresa . Its construction dates from the 16th century. It has the exact same structure as the Puerta del Carmen or La Cárcel. It is also known as the Gate of Montenegro .

The gate has two square towers between which is a machicolation. Although it has been renovated several times, the gate still retains some of the oldest stone blocks. Next to the door is the palace of Núñez Vela.

It is one of the nine gates that give access to the walled city. Its importance is largely due to the fact that it is next to the birthplace of Santa Teresa . Right there, in one of the side streets, we can visit the famous Santa Teresa Museum . It is the only one in the world dedicated to knowing the life of the saint and her message.

A short distance away is the Hotel Puerta de la Santa . In addition, some of its rooms have views of the city walls . A room can be reserved, for example, through Booking . It is perfect for its proximity to the walled enclosure and the oldest area of ​​the city.

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Visiting Puerta de Santa Teresa, Ávila

Duration: 20 minutes

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