Los Velada Palace (Ávila)

Hotel and Palace in Ávila

Los Velada Palace is a renaissance palace located in Ávila, Spain.  The Palace was built in the first half of the 16th century and has a splendid Mudejar coffering and a magnificent voussoired door. It is located next to the old Episcopal Palace, right in the historic heart of the city. This building is also located in Plaza de la Catedral and has been turned into a hotel. It is one of the most important 16th-century residences in the town and boasts a corner tower and a large interior courtyard. The chroniclers of Ávila have identified the rooms of Carlos I, Isabel of Portugal and their son Felipe II in this palace.

Velada Palace is nowadays a wonderful hotel.

What does the Los Velada Palace in Ávila look like?

It has a Renaissance style façade with a wonderful semicircular arch. The porticoed  courtyard is also Renaissance in style, with three heights stands out, of which only the northern wing remains; the two lower galleries with segmental arches on Tuscan columns, and the upper one with lintels.

There is some magnificent Mudejar coffering in the palaces many rooms.  A slender tower stands out above the complex, decorated with Chamfering shields  and once crenelated.


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Visiting Los Velada Palace (Ávila)

Address: Hotel Palacio de Los Velada Pl. de la Catedral, 10 05001 Ávila Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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