Torre do Cimo da Vila

Tower in Barcelos

Barcelos Torre Do Cimo Da Vila
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The Torre do Cimo da Vila, also known as Torre de Barcelos, Postigo da Muralha, Torre da Porta, Torre da Porta Nova, or Torre da Cadeia, is situated in the parish of Barcelos, comprising Vila Boa and Vila Frescainha. This tower, located in the city and municipality of the same name, in the district of Braga, Portugal, has been declared a National Monument by Decree nº 11.454, published on February 19, 1926.

As the sole remaining tower of the original wall, which had three towers that allowed entry into the village, the Torre do Cimo da Vila served as the ancient keep of the village. Commissioned by the 8th Count of Barcelos, the tower was constructed in the 15th century and initially functioned as the mayor’s dwelling.

From the late 17th century until 1932, the tower was utilized as a prison that replaced the old Tronco prison. Later, it served as a storehouse for the Archaeological Museum of Alcaide de Faria, which housed relics found in the Citânia da Franqueira or Castro de Faria, as well as in the ruins of the Castelo de Faria.

Presently, the Torre do Cimo da Vila houses the Barcelos Handicraft Center.

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Visiting Torre do Cimo da Vila

Address: Torre da Porta Nova, Largo da Porta Nova, Barcelos, Portugal
Duration: 20 minutes

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