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mausoleum in Córdoba

The Roman Mausoleum  is a mid 1st Century A.D Roman mausoleum, probably owned by a wealthy Roman family located in Córdoba, Andalucia, in Spain.  There are a couple of these impressive monuments, one of which has been fully restored and the other only partly.  The mausoleums were discovered in 1993 during a routine archaeological test dig and were rebuilt according to the original patterns.

Where is the the Roman Mausoleum in Córdoba Located?

Roman mausoleum in Córdoba is located in the Jardines de la Victoria in front of the place, where in Roman times the western door of the city or “Porta Principalis Sinistra” was located, which was later known as Puerta Gallegos, one of the medieval doors that allowed access to the city.

What do the Roman Mausoleum in Córdoba look like?

The huge, cylindrical buildings, built by the side of the main Corduba-Híspalis road, give us an insight into the nature of the wealthy families who had them built. They are of an unusual style for the Iberian Peninsula, so they may well have been designed by an Italian architect, as they are similarities to other mausoleums in Rome and the rest of Italy. It includes the chamber tomb that housed the Urn, as well as remains of the basement, cornices, and crenellated parapet.

A second mausoleum has been integrated into the current infrastructure of the area, being able to see its dimensions and shape. Between both monuments, you can see a section of an old Roman road that connected Corduba with Hispalis, what is now Seville.

Visiting the Roman Mausoleum in Córdoba

One of the mausoleums is now open to the public: visits are by appointment only – and inside there is an Interpretation Centre for Funeral Monuments.

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Visiting Roman Mausoleum


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Address: Roman Mausoleum Paseo de la Victoria, 17 14008 Córdoba Spain
Duration: 5 minutes

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