Puerta de Bisagra

City Gate in Toledo

Puerta De Bisagra Toledo
CC BY-SA 2.0 / Luis Rogelio HM

The Puerta de Bisagra (originally Bab al-Saqra, also called Puerta de Alfonso VI) is a city gate of Toledo, Spain.

The structure was constructed in the 10th century, in the time of the Moorish Taifa of Toledo in Islamic Al-Andalus. It is also called ‘Bisagra Antigua’ to distinguish it from the Puerta de Bisagra Nueva which was built in 1559. The gate was the main entrance to the city and dates from the Moorish period.

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Visiting Puerta de Bisagra

Address: Puerta de Bisagra C. Real del Arrabal, 26 45003 Toledo Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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