Calleja de las Flores

Street in Córdoba

Alminar Mezquita De Cordoba
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The Calleja de las Flores or Alley of the Flowers is one of the most popular and tourist streets of the city of Córdoba, Adalusia, Spain. It is located in the Heart of the Jewish Quarter, not far from the Mosque-Cathedral, positioned as an intersection of the street Velázquez Bosco.

What does the Calleja de las Flores look like?

It is a narrow street, just wide enough to fit two pedestrians abreast. Calleja de las Flores is a flower lined alley in Cordoba. This flower street or alley has become a iconic spot and top things to do in Cordoba.  This narrow passageway leads to a square with an array of terracotta flower pots with geranium and carnations hung in pretty patterns along the walls. The entire street is lined with flower blue flowerpots and brightly colored flowers, perfectly framing the Mezquita Cathedral in the background.

Admire the cascading tendrils of the vines that are strung across the balconies and the tufts of greenery that spill out from the window grilles.

The old houses on thestreet have been gradually substituted by souvenir shops, which has partly damaged its original image.

Small Plaza

At the end of the street, he narrow alleyway leads up a gentle slope to open out onto a small plaza, which is in fact a neighbors’ courtyard. The square is decorated with a beautiful fountain which was allegedly made by Rafael Bernier, former resident of the square. Take a moment to admire the plaza and look back at the enchanting jumble of leaves and flowers. From the Calleja de las Flores you can have one of the most romantic general views of the Mezquita-Catedral with the ornate tower peeking through the gap in the alley, foregrounded by pretty plants.

How to get to the Calleja de las Flores

The lane is a 20-minute walk from the city’s main railway station and is free to visit. The Calle de las Flores runs along the northern façade of the Great Mosque of Córdoba.

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Visiting Calleja de las Flores

Address: Calleja de las Flores 1 14003 Córdoba Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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