Palacio de los Serranos (Ávila)

Museum and Palace in Ávila

It was built in the mid-16th century and its style is framed in the Renaissance. What used to be the old flour factory of El Barco de Ávila is now an area destined to host cultural and social events promoted by Caja de Ávila.

What does the Palacio de los Serranos in Ávila look like?

The basis of its construction is that of granite ashlar. It has three heights, anomalous aspect in the city. Inside it highlights the adintelado patio, of which only two bays remain.

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Visiting Palacio de los Serranos (Ávila)

Address: Palacio Los Serrano Pl. de Italia, 1 05001 Ávila Spain
Duration: 15 minutes

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