Puerte de la Cijara

City Gate in Ronda 

Puerte De La Cijara, Ronda
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The Puerte de la Cijara or Cijara Gate is a gate in the city walls of Ronda, Spain. It is a gate in the Murallas de Levante, which are the eastern walls of the Ronda.

History of the Puerte de la Cijara

The walls reached their most extensive creation during the period of Arab domination, with the walls of the Murallas de Levante, Carmen & Cijara forming part of those defenses around the eastern flank of the city of Ronda.

Traders and visitors to Ronda in Moorish times would generally enter the city from the Puente Árabe, and the majority would bathe in the Baños Árabes, before visiting a small mosque located next to the gates which probably stood where there is now a small chapel. From there visitors would ascend into the city proper through the Puerte de la Cijara as it was the principal point of entry after crossing the Guadalevin river.

The wall and the door of the Cijara are appear well preserved, however, this is because it is a reconstruction carried out by Pons Sorolla in 1975,  the original door was demolished, the current one is made in the likeness of the Arco del Cristo, on the Western Walls.

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Visiting Puerte de la Cijara


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