Palacio del Marqués de Salvatierra

Palace in Ronda 

Palacio De Salvatierra, Ronda
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Pedro J Pacheco

The Palacio de Salvatierra is a building in the Spanish city of Ronda, Spain.

The interior of the palace cannot be visited .The palace has a small museum of Renaissance art and artifacts.

History of the Palacio del Marqués de Salvatierra

When the catholic monarchs too the city in the end of the 15th century they gifted  to Don Vasco Martin de Salvatierra some Muslim homes called Casas Pintadas or Painted Houses. In the early 16th century they were converted into an elaborate residence.

It has a splendid baroque façade from 1798 in stone ashlar with a lintel door, Corinthian columns and a large wrought iron balcony. This was when the mansion was reconstructed and expanded by his descendants based on a design by Martín de Aldehuela. The four nude, very curious caryatids represent Mesoamerican slaves from the pre-Columbus period bound and have looks of horror. The masculine figures have their tongues out to make fun of the visitors, while the female figures cover their intimate parts with modesty. They symbolize the family’s enrichment from the Spanish conquest of the Americas. Within the pediment is the coat of arms of the Salvatierra family.

In 1994, Madonna obtained permit to shoot inside the palace of the Marquis of Salvatierra for the music video of Take a Bow.

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Visiting Palacio del Marqués de Salvatierra





Address: Palacio de Salvatierra Calle Real, 2 29400 Ronda Málaga Spain
Duration: 5 minutes

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