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Military Historical Museum Of Seville
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The Museo Histórico Militar  or Military Historical Museum of Seville, also called Regional Military Museum, was inaugurated on 18 December 1992 and is located in the Plaza de España square in Seville.

Seville’s Military History Museum is situated in the former Spanish Pavillion of the 1929 Iberian-American Exposition. You access it through  interior corridor of the Plaza de España, between the Puerta de Aragón and the Torre Norte.

What is in the Military Historical Museum of Seville

The museum is run by the Spanish Army and a large part of the collection comes from the Seville Artillery Armory and has been added to over time, its content is very diverse, ranging from models to historical military offices that were found in different parts of the city of Seville, as well as the microphones of radio. The museum covers an area of 2036m2, and holds over 5,000 objects collected which are spread over 12 rooms.

Though the museum is quite small, there are a lot of interesting things on display there, including the old guns, military uniforms, etc. Those who are truly interested in the history of the most principal battles and military campaigns can catch a guided tour and learn plenty of interesting facts.

The museum covers a wild range of military subjects throughout the ages, from Spanish medieval Armour to British colonial troops riding camels in the African desert. The various machine guns that are on display, including two dioramas of machine gun nests, form the most important attraction of the museum. They stem from different periods of history, different conflicts and different countries, and it is interesting to see the varying models and designs. Other interesting pieces are the scale-model of the medieval siege of Seville and some authentic artillery pieces and medical military equipment. Apart from that the museum features quite a lot of historic uniforms and small firearms.


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Other names of Museo Histórico Militar

The Museo Histórico Militar has the following names: The Museo Histórico Militar, Military Historical Museum of Seville, Regional Military Museum,.

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Visiting Museo Histórico Militar


Monday to Friday: from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Saturdays: from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Sunday holidays and August closed



Address: Military Historical Museum of Seville Plaza España, s/n 41013 Sevilla Spain
Telephone: +34 954 93 82 83
Duration: 30 minutes

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