Parque de María Luisa

National Park and Park in Seville

Parque De María Luisa, Seville
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The Parque de María Luisa or María Luisa Park is a public park that stretches along the Guadalquivir River in Seville, Spain. It is a large green space to the south of the city center, close to the river. The park serves as a botanical garden with hundreds of exotic trees lining shady avenues, and historic, fairy-tale buildings, with exotic touches provided by colorful tiled benches, and Moorish fountains and pools.The park is known for its large population of doves. There are also many parakeets living in the centre of the park, and ducks and swans in the fountains and lakes.

What to see at the Parque de María Luisa

Pavilion of Alfonso XII

Near the edge of the small lake is a pretty round Moorish-style pavilion, although in a state of disrepair, it is still pretty in a romantic way. It is named after the King of Spain at the time, King Alfonso XII.

Tree-lined avenues of Parque de María Luisa

It is laid out in the shape of a trapeze and is crossed by tree-lined avenues such as the  Hernán Cortés and Pizarro avenues. Where the avenues meet there are fountains and statues, making the park a kind of open-air museum.

Squares of Parque de María Luisa

Among the most outstanding of these squares are the Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, the Hermanos Quintero and the one dedicated to the Infanta María Luisa herself.

Fountains of Parque de María Luisa

Its fountains include the Fuente de los Leones’ or ‘Lions fountain’ which consists of four stone lions, each carrying a shield spouting water and the ‘Fuente de las Ranas’ or ‘frog fountain’.

The park’s centerpiece is the vast Plaza de España.

Monte Gurugu

Monte Gurugu is a rocky mound has stairs climbing up it, with a waterfall falling down the other side, with a tunnel cut through the bottom of the “mountain”. At the top is a shaded pavilion where you can take a seat and enjoy the view.

History of Parque de María Luisa

Most of the grounds that were used for the park were formerly the gardens of the Palace of San Telmo. It was donated to the city in 1893 by the Infanta María Luisa Fernanda de Borbón, Duchess of Montpellier, for use as a public park.

Starting in 1911, Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier rearranged the gardens into their present shapes. In 1914 the architect Aníbal Gonzalez began construction for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, which was held partly within the park. The new buildings of the Plaza de España were used as the office of the fair.

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Other names of Parque de María Luisa

The Parque de María Luisa has the following names: María Luisa Park.

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