La Casa de la Ciencia

Historic Building and Museum in Seville

Whale In Entrance Of Science Museum, Seville
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La Casa de la Ciencia or the House of Science  is a science museum located in the city of Seville in Spain. Situated within the Peru Pavilion in Seville, the Casa de la Ciencia de Sevilla Museum is a spacious venue devoted to scientific, educational, and cultural pursuits. This historic structure, passed down from the Spanish-American Exhibition of 1929, was designed by Manuel Piqueras Cotolí (1885-1937), a distinguished Spanish architect born in Lucena.

The Museum has three permanent exhibitions that address some of the universal themes of Science:

  • A Sea of Cetaceans in Andalucia – such as the great species that inhabit our seas,
  • Geo Seville – geological transformations that the Earth has undergone, especially in the province of Seville.
  • Invertebrates of Andalusia – which is great but it has no backbone…

The other  of the permanent facilities is the Planetarium, which uses a variety of projections to bring the fantastic world of celestial bodies from all ages just that bit closer. Families play an important role at weekends, when there are workshops, demonstrations and guided tours to bring science to the whole of society in an easy and entertaining way.

On the first floor,balconies and rooms house temporary exhibitions.

The History of the La Casa de la Ciencia

This historic building, inherited from the Spanish-American Exhibition of 1929.  It was the Peruvian Pavilion or Pabellón de Perú and is the work of Manuel Piqueras Cotolí (1885-1937), a renowned Spanish architect born in Lucena. Cotoli was born in Lucena (Cordoba) but moved to Peru to study architecture and became known for buildings which blended indigenous and colonial architecture which is easily visible from the outside of La Casa de la Ciencia as many parts of the building share similarities with Cotoli’s Peruvian works.

In the 1980s the building became the headquarters of the Biological Station of Doñana and since 2008 to the CSIC, who provide museum. The building also house the Peruvian Consulate.

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Other names of La Casa de la Ciencia

The La Casa de la Ciencia has the following names: The House of Science, Seville Planetarium.

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Visiting La Casa de la Ciencia


10am-9pm Tue-Sun


Museum €3, incl planetarium €5

Address: Casa de la Ciencia Av. de María Luisa, s/n, 41013 Sevilla
Telephone: +34 954 232 349
Duration: 1 hours

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