Monte Palace Madeira - Tropical Garden

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Monte Palace Tropical Garden
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Monte Palace Madeira Garden, situated atop a hill with stunning panoramic views of Funchal’s bay, stands as one of the most distinctive places on the Island of Madeira, celebrated for its exotic flora and artistic elements.

The history of this garden traces back to the 18th century when Charles Murray, the English consul, acquired the property south of Monte Church and transformed it into an estate. In 1897, it came under the ownership of Alfredo Guilherme Rodrigues, who built a grand residence later converted into the ‘Monte Palace Hotel.’

Today, the Monte Palace Madeira Garden showcases an impressive collection of around 100,000 plant species from across the globe, with the centenary cycads, regarded as living fossils, standing out in the vast 70,000 square meters of greenery.

Beyond its botanical richness, the garden captivates visitors with ornamental elements scattered among dense vegetation and lakes. These include stonework from various eras and geographic locations, Buddhist sculptures, stone lanterns, and a renowned collection of tiles spanning from the 15th to the 20th century. The Monte Palace Madeira Garden is also home to a diverse fauna, featuring majestic swans, peacocks, and Asian Koi fish, enhancing the enchanting atmosphere of this unique and culturally rich destination.

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Visiting Monte Palace Madeira - Tropical Garden


Daily: 09:30 -18:00


Adults: €12,50

Address: Monte Palace Tropical Garden, Caminho do Monte, Funchal, Portugal
Duration: 20 minutes
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