Madeira Botanical Gardens

Gardens in Funchal (Madeira)

Jardim Botânico Da Madeira
CC BY-SA 3.0 / H. Zell

Madeira Botanical Gardens encompass an area of approximately eight hectares, with five dedicated to landscaped areas, this verdant oasis boasts a diverse collection of tree species, ornamental shrubs, orchids, lawns, panoramic viewpoints offering expansive vistas of Madeira’s capital, and an amphitheatre.

Hosting over 2000 exotic plants sourced from every continent, including some facing endangerment in their places of origin, the Madeira Botanical Garden plays a crucial role in research and conservation. Given the global challenges of biodiversity loss and habitat depletion, this space is committed to preserving endangered species.

The Quinta do Bom Sucesso, the residence of the Madeira Botanical Garden, was established in 1881 by the Reid family and is now open to the public. Visitors have the opportunity to embark on a global journey through the plant kingdom, explore the Natural History Museum, and delve into the Herbarium, all within this historic estate.

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Visiting Madeira Botanical Gardens


Daily 09:00-17:30

Address: Jardim Botânico D, 9060-135 Funchal, Portugal
Duration: 20 minutes

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