Funchal City Hall

Historic Building in Funchal (Madeira)

Town Hall Square Funchal
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The Funchal City Hall occupies a central position in the municipality, residing in a historic palace of significant architectural value. Originally constructed in 1758 as the residence of the Count of Carvalhal, this building later evolved into the City Hall of Funchal after being acquired by the City Council in 1883. Despite various modifications over the years, the structure has preserved its late 18th-century architectural charm. Noteworthy features include an interior landscaped courtyard adorned with Battistini tiles created in 1940 at the Maria de Portugal Factory and a fountain embellished with a marble statue of ‘Leda and the Swan,’ crafted by Germano José Salles.

The Funchal City Hall welcomes visitors with guided tours on weekdays, providing a captivating exploration of its historical and architectural allure within a 60-minute timeframe.

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Visiting Funchal City Hall


Monday to Friday: 11:00 | Closed: Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays

Address: Funchal City Hall, Praca do Município, Funchal, Portugal
Duration: 20 minutes

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