Capela de São Luís de Tolosa (Funchal)

Church in Funchal (Madeira)


The chapel and its association with the name São Luís originate from the Seminary and Colégio São Luís, which were part of the original Episcopal Palace. Its establishment dates back to the year 1600, envisioned by Bishop D. Luís de Figueiredo de Lemos.

Architecturally, the chapel’s façade is distinguished by a regional stonework portal, crowned with the Bishop’s Arms of Faith. Above, an oculus and a bell tower in a late-Gothic style enhance its historical appearance. Additionally, to the north side of the ground floor, there’s a modestly sized sacristy.

Internally, the chapel’s furnishings predominantly consist of pieces crafted in workshops during the 17th and 18th centuries, reflecting the artistic styles and craftsmanship of those periods.

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Visiting Capela de São Luís de Tolosa (Funchal)

Address: Capela de São Luís de Tolosa, Rua do Bispo, Funchal, Portugal
Duration: 20 minutes

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