Baños de Tenerías

Baths and Historic Building in Toledo

Espana Toledo Bano Arabe
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The Baños de Tenerías were a public bath in Toledo, Castile-La Mancha. The structure has been dated to the beginning of the 11th century,[1] when Toledo was under Islamic rule, and formed one of the six Arab baths in the city.

The Spanish name Tenerías refers to the baths being located in the leather-working district of the city. The baths would have offered the possibility of washing before prayers at the nearby Al-Dabbagin Mosque (which later became the Church of San Sebastián).

It is divided into the living room “bayt al-mash”, the latrines, the cold room “bayt al-bárid”, the temperate room “bayt al-wastani”, the hot room “bayt al-sajûn”, the cistern and the qanat.

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Visiting Baños de Tenerías

Address: Restos Arqueológico Baños Árabes de Tenerías, Calle Carreras San Sebastián, Toledo, Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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