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Iglesia De Santo Tome Toledo

The Iglesia de Santo Tomé is a church located in the historical center of the city of Toledo (Spain), and was founded after the reconquest of this city by King Alfonso VI of León.[1] It appears quoted in the 12th century, as constructed on the site of an old mosque of the 11th century.[2] This mosque, together with other mosques in the city, were used as Christian churches without major changes, since in the taking of the city there was no destruction of buildings.

However, at the beginning of the 14th century, being in a ruinous state the church was totally rebuilt in charge of Gonzalo Ruiz de Toledo, Lord of Orgaz, and the old minaret of the mosque was transformed into a bell tower in Mudéjar style.[3] Its fame is mainly due to the fact that it contains the painting The Burial of the Count of Orgaz by El Greco, which can be seen by accessing the back of church.

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Visiting Iglesia de Santo Tomé

Address: Iglesia de Santo Tomé Pl. del Conde, 4 45002 Toledo Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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