Jaén City Guide

Set amid vast olive groves,  Jaén is certainly one of southern Spain’s most attractive cities. Apart from its olive oil production, known by locals as liquid gold, it is known for incredible fortresses, and beautiful architecture, majestic cathedrals and lush parks.

The layout of the city is determined by its position relative to the the hills of the Santa Catalina mountains, which causes it to have with steep, narrow streets. Guadalquivir River that flows through Jaen makes it a fertile belt rich in natural vegetation. The natural beauty of this place is enhanced by the presence of two majestic mountains namely Cazorla and Segura that bring sufficient rainfall to this place.

The name is most likely derived from the Roman name Villa Gaiena or Villa of Gaius. During the time of Al-Andalus it was called Jayyān.

Jaén is somewhat overshadowed by the beauty of nearby Úbeda and Baeza, and is often passed over by visitors to the province. But once you make it into town you will discover a charming, if mildly dilapidated, historic center with hidden neighborhoods, excellent tapas bars and a spectacular cathedral.

The city is the administrative and industrial center for the province and include chemical works, tanneries, distilleries, cookie factories, textile factories, as well as agricultural and olive oil processing machinery industry.


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