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Thirlwall Castle

Thirlwall Castle is a 12th-century castle, on the bank of the River Tipalt, in Northumberland, England. Built in the 12th century using stones from nearby Hadrian’s Wall, but began to fall into disrepair in the 17th century.

During the period 1153-1165 King Malcolm IV of Scotland created a barony here and the first baron took the name of his new barony and built a timber manor house here. The timber manor was rebuilt in stone by John Thirlwall in about 1330. Edward I is known to have visited Thirlwall in 1306, on his way to fight the Scottish. Thirlwall’s location Scottish border made it a target for raids up until the Union of the Scottish and English Crowns in 1603 when more peaceful conditions developed. Eleanor Thirwall, the last of the Thirlwall family line, abandoned the castle and it was sold to the Earl of Carlisle in 1748 for £4,000.

The old Roman road of Stanegate runs past the castle.

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Address: Thirlwall Castle, Pennine Way, Brampton CA8 7HL, UK
Duration: 20 minutes

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