Birdoswald Roman Fort

Historic Site in Carlisle

Hadrians Wall At Birdoswald
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Mike Peel

Birdoswald Roman Fort is one of the best preserved of the 16 forts along Hadrian’s Wall. It is on the western end of Hadrian’s Wall on the site of a former farm called Birdoswald.The fort is located on a triangular spur of land with cliffs to the south and east and overlooking the beautiful Irthing Gorge.

Birdoswald Roman Fort was initially a turf and timber construction. It was rebuilt in stone soon after and remained garrisoned until the end of Roman Britain in the Fifth Century. Even then, life at the fort seems to have continued and it may have been used as a high status residence for a local chieftain. Birdoswald is the place to see the longest surviving stretch of Hadrian’s Wall which extends from here to Harrow’s Scar Milecastle, and extensive remains of a Roman Fort.

In Roman times, the fort was known as Banna (“horn” in Celtic), reflecting the geography of the site.

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Visiting Birdoswald Roman Fort


Saturday – Sunday 10am – 4pm.

Between 26 December and 3 January, open daily 10am – 4pm.


Adult: £9.00 Child (5-17 years): £5.40

Address: Birdoswald Roman Fort - Hadrian's Wall, Hadrian's Wall Path, Brampton, UK
Duration: 40 minutes

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