Banks East Turret

Roman Site in Brampton, Carlisle

Banks East Turret, Hadrians Wall

Banks East Turret is the well-preserved remains of a wall turret located on Hadrians Wall, England. Banks East Turret is also known as Turret 52A. Banks East.

Banks East in Cumbria is the best preserved turret or observation tower in the western sector of Hadrian’s Wall. The turret was built to a two-storey plan, with a first floor reached by a simple ladder. A further ladder gave access to the roof of the turret for observation along the wall. The walls of the turret stand to a present height of 1.75 metres, about 14 stone courses high. You can clearly see the remains of two hearths within the turret, as well as a low stone bench along the north-west wall, opposite the entrance opening in the south-east corner.

Excavations have revealed that there was originally a turf wall next to the east wall of the turret. The turret was occupied from the early 2nd century and seems to have been abandoned around AD 296. A fallen section of the turret wall stands just west of the ruins.

A very short walk along the Hadrian’s Wall Path brings you to Pikes Hill Tower, a peculiar triangular tower erected after the Wall had already been built.

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Visiting Banks East Turret


Open any reasonable time during daylight hours.


£2 parking charge applies to non-members

Address: Pike Hill, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 2BX
Duration: 10 minutes

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