Skanderbeg memorial

Monument in Lezhë

Skanderbeg Grave And Lezhë Castle
Public Domain / Belgian man

Skanderbeg (Gjergj Kastrioti), was an Albanian nobleman and military commander who led a rebellion and successfully resisted the Ottoman Empire for 24 years. As the resistance brought Albanians from different regions together with a common cause it is argued that he helping define an Albanians identity.

When he died of malaria in 1468 he was buried in what was the Cathedral of Saint Nicolas in Lezhë. Unfortunately soon after he dies the Ottomans occupied Lezhë and ransacked the tomb and the Cathedral was converted into a mosque. This was later used as a tyrbe by the local Bektashist community. When the country became a communist state the building was again converted into a memorial to Skanderbeg and its minaret removed.

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Visiting Skanderbeg memorial


April – September, Every Day 8:00-20:00 October – March, Every Day 8:00-17:00


100 lek

Address: Rruga Frang Bardhi Lezhë District 4501 Albania
Duration: 1 hours

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