St. Peter's Bay

Beach in Durrës

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Lalëzi Bay which is named after the nearby village of Lalëz near the northeast coast of the bay. It is also known as Plazhi San Pietro or St. Peter’s Bay.

It lies between  Cape Rodon  in the north and Rruga Shen Pali in the South and is one of the last very long beaches in this region before you go to the North. The bay has about 30km of coastline itself is several kilometers long and more than 100 meters wide.  Beach bars, restaurants and toilets are available as well on the beach.

Lalez Beach is in the north of the bay is the most accessible being easy to reach with your vehicle and you have so much space where are you can park directly on the beach just in front of the beach bars and restaurants.

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Other names of St. Peter's Bay

The St. Peter's Bay has the following names: Gjiri I Lalëzit.

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Visiting St. Peter's Bay

Duration: 3 hours

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