Lake Vau-Dejes & Shurdhah Island

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Lake Vau Dejes Shurdhah Island
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Southeast of the city of Shkodër is Lake Vau-Dejes. It was created when the Drin River was dammed. In the summer you can take a boat out to Shurdhah Island, ehich is a small island about 400 metres long and shrouded with dense vegetation.

When ashore you can search for the last surviving remnants of an ancient city of Sarda. Sarda was a city in Illyria which became a Roman citadel. It was a city renowned in medieval times for its 365 altars and was the seat of the Bishops of Sarda and Sapa. The city was eventually destroyed by the Ottomans. While much of the ancient town is submerged in the lake you can still find the ruins of an 11th-century medieval castle, which includes two rings of defensive walls and towers and the remains of a Byzantine church.

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Visiting Lake Vau-Dejes & Shurdhah Island

Duration: 20 minutes

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