Rozafa Fortress

Castle in Shkodër

Rozafa Castle is a castle just to the south west of the city of Shkodër.  It is set on a craggy hill, 130 meters above sea level next to the confluence of the Drin and Bojana rivers.

The Rozafa Fortress is the most impressive sight in town, with spectacular views over the region and Lake Shkodra.

Founded in ancient times by the Illyrians 2,500 years ago and restored years later by both the Venetians and then the Turks.

The fortress takes its name from a woman supposedly walled in the ramparts as a sacrifice to the gods so that the structure might survive it was alleged that she asked for two holes to be left in the stonework so she could continue to breastfeed her child..

The fortress was looted in 1478 after being sieged by the Ottomans. The also castle saw action against Montenegrin and Serbian forces right up to 1912 when it was defended by the Ottomans.

Visiting Rozafa Fortress


9am-8pm Apr-Oct, to 4pm Nov-Mar


200 lekë

Address: Rruga Rozafa Shkodër Albania
Duration: 1 hours

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