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Santa Marina is a district in Cordoba, Andalucia in Spain. The neighborhood is one of the most typical, genuine and quiet areas in the historic district of the capital with winding cobbled lanes and pretty little squares. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It preserves traditional lifestyle from tourism influence, while it is still part of the modern city life and one of Córdoba hot spots.

In Plaza del Conde de Priego, you can visit a monument in memory of the city’s most famous matador, Manolete (1917–1947), who was fatally gored during a bullfight when he was only 30.

Right opposite the square is the Iglesia Santa Marina – it is one of the so-called “Fernandinean Churches,” built in Córdoba after Ferdinand III of Castile conquered the city in 1236 CE.

Every year the area hosts the annual patios feria or patio Festival. The star attraction is the 15th century Palacio de Viana, which is located in the area. Viana is home to 13 patios and courtyards: intricately designed and aromatically populated with colourful plants, flowers and trees, these are some of Cordoba’s prettiest public spaces.

What to see in the Santa Marina District?

  • Palacio de los Marqueses de Viana: Renaissance palace with tranquil courtyards & formal garden, plus art & antiques collection.
  • Plaza del Conde de Priego: The Plaza del Conde de Priego or the Count of Priego Square. Around the square is the Convento de clarisas de Santa Isabel de los Ángeles. 

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