Plaza del Potro

Square in Córdoba

Plaza Del Potro
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Américo Toledano

The Plaza del Potro or the Square of the colt is a 14th century neighbor’s courtyard located in Córdoba, Andalucia in Spain. It rectangular in shape with a  fountain at the one end and a statue at the other.

Fountain of the Potro

One end of the plaza has a 16th-century stone fountain topped by the figure of a rearing colt, its raised front legs holding a sign with the coat of arms of the city. This Renaissance-style fountain dates from 1577, and the colt which gives its name to the square was added a century later. Until 1847 was located on the opposite side of the plaza.

Triumph of the archangel Raphael

Since 1924, the other end of the square has a monument dedicated to the Triumph of the archangel Raphael.


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Visiting Plaza del Potro


24 Hours



Address: Plaza del Potro s/n 14003 Córdoba Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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