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Centro Flamenco Fosforito
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The Centro Flamenco Fosforito or the Flamenco Centre Fosforito is a flamenco museum Córdoba, Andalucia in Spain. The aim of the Interpretation Center is for the visitor to leave the building with more knowledge about Flamenco and above all with curiosity and interest in knowing more.  The museum leads you on a journey through time to allow you to discover the birth and evolution of flamenco to the present day discussing the with the origin of Flamenco, styles, types, instruments, artists and costumes  used.

The center has exhibits, film and information panels in English and Spanish. There are touch screen videos demonstrate the important techniques of flamenco song, guitar, dance and percussion. There is an interactive element and you can try to beat out the compás  or rhythm of different palos  which are song forms.

Regular free live flamenco performances are held here, too, often at noon on Sunday.

The Flamenco Centre Fosforito was opened in June 2013 by the flamenco singer Antonio Fernández, Fosforito. The museum is not only about the figure of flamenco singer Fosforito, but it also values the flamenco from Córdoba and Andalusia as a way of life, a high quality artistic expression.

The Flamenco Centre Fosforito is located in one of the most symbolic places in the city, in Plaza del Potro.

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Visiting Centro Flamenco Fosforito


8.30am-2.30pm Tue-Sat, from 9.30am Sun mid-Jun–mid-Sep, 8.30am-7.30pm Tue-Fri, to 2.30pm Sat & Sun mid-Sep–mid-Jun

Address: Posada del Potro - Centro Flamenco Fosforito Plaza del Potro, 7 14002 Córdoba Spain
Telephone: +34 957 476 829
Duration: 40 minutes

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