Plaza de Cort

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Plaza Cort Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) Palma De Mallorca
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Thomas Wolf

Plaza de Cort or Cort Square in Palma features two prominent buildings, with the Town Hall and the Palace of the Council of Mallorca sharing this historic space. These structures are easily distinguishable from one another. The Palace of the Council of Mallorca showcases a neo-Gothic facade adorned with towers and a crenelated roof, while the Town Hall possesses a more quintessential Spanish town hall appearance.

The Town Hall, a three-story edifice, boasts a Baroque-style façade infused with hints of Gothic and Mannerist design elements. It underwent construction in 1649 and was further enhanced in 1680, thanks to the contributions of architects Re Bauca, Miguel Oliver, and Bartomeu Calafat.

The Town Hall also boasts several distinctive features. First and foremost, it flaunts an enormous wooden roof that extends more than nine feet beyond the facade, creating an impressive overhang. Additionally, a lengthy balcony with six windows and a glass door graces its exterior. This balcony once housed a clock (known as Figuera) that originally occupied the clock tower but was relocated after a tornado struck in 1848.

In 1863, a new clock replaced the original one. This timekeeping device once played a role in announcing the curfew, which was discontinued in 1865. Subsequently, from 1865 until the mid-1950s, the bells rang to signal fires and relay public announcements. In 1964, the clock was electrified, modernizing its operation.

Inside the Town Hall, visitors can encounter a collection of large mannequins or dolls. These figures represent legendary historical personalities and are paraded during various festivals and events, adding a unique cultural touch to the building’s interior.

It’s important to note that visits to the Town Hall are restricted to groups with prior reservations, ensuring a well-organized and informative experience for visitors.

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Visiting Plaza de Cort


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Address: Plaza de Corte, Palma, Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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