Església de Santa Eulàlia (Church of Santa Eulalia), Palma de Mallorca

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Església De Santa Eulàlia, Palma
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Constructed shortly after the 1229 Catalan conquest of Mallorca, the Església de Santa Eulàlia stands as Palma’s oldest church and a remarkable specimen of Gothic architecture. This towering Roman Catholic edifice was built atop a former Muslim mosque and was recorded as a parish as early as 1236 in the paborde of Tarragona.

Dedicated to Eulalia, the patron saint of Barcelona – a young girl martyred by the Romans through torture and beheading – this church holds immense historical significance for the island. It witnessed the first assembly of the General Grand Council of Mallorca and the coronation of Jaume II, also known as James the Just, as the king of Majorca on September 12, 1276.

August 2nd 1391, a rebellion against the crown of Mallorca led to the death of nearly 300 Jews, who was considered to be faithful to the royal crown. Those Jews who wasn’t killed on that night and didn’t managed to flee, converted in Santa Eulàlia and was therefore known as the church of conversion.

Over time, the church underwent various modifications, including the addition of the rose window and the carving of Saint Eulalia above the entrance, crafted by Guillem Ferrer. In the 19th century, a 50-meter-high bell tower was appended.

In 1893, Joan Sureda i Veri undertook the restoration of the main façade, giving it a more modern Neo-Gothic appearance. Another façade restoration occurred in 2011, prompted by severe storm damage. Notable tympanum paintings grace the east side (facing St. Christ Street) with the Annunciation and the west side (facing St. Eulalia Street) with the Epiphany.

Inside the church, the Baroque-style main altar, created by the Dominican friar Albert de Burgunyó, stands out, as do the seven chapels in the ambulatory: Sant Crist de la Conquesta, Santa Catalina, Sant Lluís, and the Mercy of Christ.

While the church is open for free visits, there is an admission fee for accessing the belfry, which offers a magnificent view of the surrounding historic quarter. Visitors can easily identify landmarks with the aid of a diagrammed guide.

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Visiting Església de Santa Eulàlia (Church of Santa Eulalia), Palma de Mallorca

Address: Santa Eulàlia de Ciutat de Mallorca, Plaça de Santa Eulàlia, Palma, Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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