Puerta de los Judios

City Gate in Palma

Puerta De Los Judios, Palma
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This is the former location of the Puerta de los Judios or the Gate of the Jews of Mallorca. The great door of the Judería (Gate of the Call Major) was the main door of the Judería, which was located at the cross of the Calle de Monti-Sion and the Calle del Sol. This door allowed communication between the Jewish community and the centre of the city. The street leading up to this entrance is actually called Carrer del Call.

The site is commemorated with a SEFARAD symbol on the ground. This SEFARAD symbol has been installed in over 20 different cities throughout Spain, marking various significant Jewish heritage sites.  This symbol carries a powerful message and represents the map of the Iberian Peninsula, encompassing both Spain and Portugal. What makes it even more fascinating is the Hebrew inscription within it, which reads “Samech” (S), “Fei” (F), “Reish” (R), and “Dalet” (D), spelling the word “Sefarad” in Hebrew, signifying Spain. Moreover, within the letters, you can find “Zain” (Z), “Vav” (V), “Kaf” (K), and “Reish” (R), forming the word “Zojer,” which means “To remember” in Hebrew.


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Visiting Puerta de los Judios

Address: Carrer de Santa Clara, 1, 07001 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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