Jardí del Bisbe (Bishop’s Garden), Palma

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Jardí Del Bisbe Bishop’s Garden, Palma
Public Domain / Mutari

The Bishop’s Garden, or Jardí del Bisbe in Catalan, is situated behind Palma Cathedral, providing a privileged and refreshing view of the cathedral’s roof and the rear facade of the Episcopal Palace. To enter the gardens, visitors pass through an impressive gate constructed in the mannerist style.

Once inside, the garden features a layout reminiscent of the gardens that once adorned the mansions or ‘Casals’ of Palma. It includes geometrically pruned hedges, an orchard, and a pond known as ‘safareig.’ During the spring and summer, water lilies bloom in the pond, adding to the garden’s charm.

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Visiting Jardí del Bisbe (Bishop’s Garden), Palma

Address: Jardí del Bisbe, Carrer de Sant Pere Nolasc, Palma, Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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