Museo de Mallorca

Museum in Palma

Museo De Mallorca
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The museum in Palma finds its home in a 16th-century mansion, affectionately known as the “Casa de la Gran Cristiana.” In 2015, it expanded to include its Fine Arts and Decorative Arts section, housed in the Casal d’Aiamans.

The museum comprises a main building and two smaller annexes. The primary building in Palma encompasses archaeology and fine arts sections, a collection of books and documents, and various administrative services. The secondary building in Muro focuses on ethnological exhibits, showcasing objects from Majorca’s pre-tourism era. Lastly, the secondary building in Alcúdia hosts a Roman archaeology section, often referred to as the Museu Monogràfic de Pollença due to its association with the remains of this Roman city. This diverse arrangement allows visitors to explore a wide range of historical and cultural aspects of Mallorca.

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Visiting Museo de Mallorca

Address: Museum of Mallorca C/ de la Portella, 5 07001 Palma Illes Balears Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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