Plaza Mayor, Palma

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Plaza Mayor, Palma
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The old convent of San Felipe Neri in Palma de Mallorca met its demise in 1823, a development welcomed by many. The convent had served as the Court of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, with the Inquisition prison. The court was so feared and so many atrocities took place in the building that it was called the Black House. In 1820, a few days after the court’s final disappearance, it was looted and all the documents in it were burned.

A decade after the demolition of the convent and its associated structures, the construction of the Main Square commenced.

The project progressed intermittently until the 20th century. Upon completion, the square boasted an underground parking facility, commercial establishments, and shopping galleries.

The square takes the form of a large rectangle, with three and four-story buildings with arcades lining its periphery. It sits in proximity to the Churches of San Miguel and Santa Eulalia, along with other significant structures like the Town Hall and the Main Theatre. Streets such as San Miguel, Jaime II, Colon, and Sindicato radiate from the Main Square and extend to the city’s boundaries.

The square is a hub of activity, featuring restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and street performers. An artisan market is held on a weekly basis, and the streets surrounding the square are also teeming with cafes and shops. The square is adorned with tiles and is closed to motor traffic. The Main Square serves as a social and cultural focal point, attracting both visitors and locals.

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Visiting Plaza Mayor, Palma

Address: Plaza Mayor, Plaça Major, Palma, Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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