Palacio de Villapanés

Palace in Seville

The Palace of the Marquises of Villapanés is an 18th century building that is a great example of Baroque civil architecture in the city of Seville. Currently it has been transformed into a luxury hotel, without modifying its facade or architectural features.

What to see in Palacio de Villapanés

In the two-storey façade the large stone main door opens and a large balcony under which the family coat of arms is located. At its sides are harmoniously distributed windows and closings protected by wrought iron bars. At one end a viewpoint rises over arcades supported by columns of white marble.

Inside, there is first access to a wide portal that leads to the square-shaped main courtyard and surrounded on its four fronts by columns of white marble that support beautiful arches. In the center is a red marble fountain.

The three-section main staircase is an interesting construction designed using arches and columns that allow natural light to penetrate throughout its space, providing it with great luminosity. It is covered by a plaster vault and a large coat of arms located between two richly decorated grilles can be seen in its main end.
The back yard an the two-story building were added opposite to the main house. Only part of the façade of the left wing was recovered. Many of the original details were painstakingly restored: the coat of arms on the main staircase with its decorated carriage dome; all the columns of the central patio; the bar´s hall parquet floor; the tiles in the glow with their spectacular finish. All these elements shine with renewed light.

History of Palacio de Villapanés

The place was built in the 18th century by de Marqués of Torreblanca del Aljarafe. Originally the Place only included the main house, its rooftops and beautiful viewpoints and a garden.

During the followings years, the Marquis of Villapanés took charge of the assets and property of the Marquis of Torreblanca del Aljafare. Towards the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the Palace was enlarged with two new buildings. Its last owners were the Marquises of Villapanés who lived there until the beginning of the 21st century.

Since December 2009, the building is protected as a Site of Cultural Interest of the city of Seville.

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Address: Hotel Palacio de Villapanes Calle Santiago, 31 41003 Sevilla Spain
Telephone: +34 954 502 063
Duration: 5 minutes

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