Casa de los Pinelo

Palace in Seville

Casa De Los Pinelos,Seville
CC BY-SA 3.0 / José Luis Filpo Cabana

The Casa de los Pinelo is a Renaissance building located in the center of Seville in Spain. It is the home of the Royal Academy of Letters and the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Seville. This building is a house palace of medieval origin that was later enriched with various Renaissance elements.In this way it is similar to palaces in the city from the same period, such as Casa de Pilatos, Palacio de las Dueñas and Palacio de Mañara. The palace is situated around 4 uncovered areas: a mounting block, the court of honor, around which stand the halls and main rooms of the house, the back garden, which like the first two elements has galleries, fountains and other adornments, and a fourth patio which both simpler and smaller.

Royal Academy of Fine Art in Seville

Its full title is the  Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.

Royal Academy of Fine Arts main objective is the promotion and dissemination of Fine Arts through public promotion, dissemination and disclosure activities, research, conservation, and restoration of art works and materials that constitute part of the heritage.

The Academy has artwork by  Pablo Picasso, including a matador’s cape he drew on and signed. It also has on display Seville painters such as García Ramos, Gonzalo Bilbao or Alfonso Grosso.  The upper gallery also holds important pieces of contemporary Sevillian sculpture.

They occasionally schedule night visits to the Museum which are themed around will the characters who lived in the house such as Murillo, Luis Montoto, Picasso, Fernán Caballero, Gonzalo Bilbao or Antonio Susillo.

The History of the Casa de los Pinelo

In the beginning of the 16th century the building was commissioned by the canon of the Seville Cathedral, Don Diego Pinelo. It established itself as the first and most important noble houses in Seville. It belonged to the Pinelo family until 1524 when the family donated it to the Cathedral of Seville. It was in the hands of the Canons of the Cathedral, until the confiscations of the nineteenth century. It passed into private hands until 1966 when it became the property of the City Council of Seville.

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Visiting Casa de los Pinelo


Monday – Friday: 10:30 / 11:30/ 12:30

Closed on Saturday and Sunday



Address: Casa de los Pinelo, Calle Abades, Seville, Spain
Telephone: +34 954 22 11 98
Duration: 1 hours

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