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Museum in Seville

Antiquarium Seville
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Housed in the foundations of the Metropol Parasol square, popularly known as Las Setas (mushrooms, in Spanish),  this museum showcases the Roman, Moorish and Visigoth ruins that were unearthed during the structure’s six-year construction.

The museum is a large hall of 3,000 square meters accessed down the stairs from the Plaza. The main hall that gives access to the various spaces of the Antiquarium has glass flooring, from which one can see the various remains spread out across the large Archaeological Site. The site includes fish-salting tanks and vats, and seven houses with impressive mosaics, columns and wells. The museum also has information audiovisual screens which give additional information and photographs of the original excavation.

Look out for:

  • House of the Columns – Casa De Las Columnas – with pillared patio featuring marble pedestals, surrounded by a wonderful mosaic floor.
  • Find the laurel wreath  the symbol used by emperors to for military victory and glory.
  • The kissing birds, can be seen at the center of a large mosaic, which has been reconstructed on the wall of the museum has been used as the symbol of the Antiquarium.
  • Medusa Mosaic – the god with hair of snakes.
  • Bacchus’ house, god of wine and the elaborate drinking vessel at the corners of the mosaic floor.

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Other names of Museo Arqueologico Antiquarium

The Museo Arqueologico Antiquarium has the following names: Antiquarium .

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Visiting Museo Arqueologico Antiquarium


Tues – Sat: 10:00 – 20:00

Sun: 10:00 – 14:00



Address: Antiquarium Pl. de la Encarnación, 37 41003 Sevilla, Spain
Duration: 45 minutes

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