Los Remedios

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Bloques Los Remedios
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Los Remedios is a district of Seville, Spain, located on the Isla de La Cartuja, south of the district of Triana. Los Remedios, decades ago a major business district of Sevilla, now lives its days as a residential barrio with wide, straight avenues and large blocks of modern flats. however the area springs to life during the festive week-long Feria de Abril, which takes place in the huge fairground nearby.

The Isla de la Cartuja contains the  historic Cartuja Monastery where Columbus often stayed before his second voyage to the Americas. The area also has modern constructions hailing from the Universal Exposition of 1992. Los Remedios also hosts a the Parque de los Principes, and exclusive riverside sports clubs.

Los Remedios name comes from a Carmelite convent called Los Remedios found in the district.

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Visiting Los Remedios

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