Torre de la Plata

Tower in Seville

Torre De Plata Seville
Public Domain / Pirado

The Torre de la Plata or Tower of Silver is an octagonal military tower in Al-Andalus, located in present-day Seville, southern Spain. It was constructed by the Almohad Caliphate and dates from the thirteenth century. It was linked by the city walls to another Moorish fortification, the Torre del Oro. During the time of Alfonso X’s, the tower was known as the Tower of the Azacanes.

The entrance of this tower is situated via a corridor of the city wall.

If you are standing in front of the Torre de Plata, you will see some remaining of the wall that connected the two towers to defend the city.

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Other names of Torre de la Plata

The Torre de la Plata has the following names: Tower of Silver, Torre de la Plata.

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Visiting Torre de la Plata

Duration: 10 minutes

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