Castle of San Sebastián

Castle in Cádiz

The Castle of San Sebastián is located in Cádiz, Spain, although originally built in the built in the fifteenth century, the current defensive structure dates back to 1706.  It was designed to defend the north of the city but for much of its life the Castle was used as a prison or for quarantine.

It can be found on a small island separated from the main city at the end of La Caleta beach.  To get there you need to walk along the Paseo Fernando Quiñones, which is a long stone causeway alongside the sea.

Inside there is a modern-day lighthouse which was built in 1908. When built it was an impressive structure being Spain’s second electric lighthouse. It is a metallic structure reaching 41 metres in height. It was built on the base of a Moorish watchtower.

The unusual lines of this castle set against the sea have made it the setting for several films shot in Cadiz such as the James Bond film, “Die Another Day”  which starred Pierce Brosnan and Hally Berry. Although in the film the actors  were supposed to be in Cuba! The site is also often used for exhibitions and concerts.

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Other names of Castle of San Sebastián

The Castle of San Sebastián has the following names: Castillo de San Sebastián.

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Visiting Castle of San Sebastián


Monday to Sunday from 09:00 till 13:00


2 €

Address: Paseo Fernando Quiñones, Cádiz
Telephone: +34 956 241 001
Duration: 1 hours

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