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Krujë is a town 20 km north of Tirana in Albania. The name of the town comes from the Albanian word for the spring which is kroi, krua as the spring within the castle provided its inhabitants with water. Krujë was a quaint medieval village, situated between mountain peaks and the lush valley that extends all the way down to the Adriatic coast.

It was the home of the national hero Skanderbeg who led the resistance to the Ottoman invasions of the fifteenth century. Most visitors head towards the castle via the cobbled street of the Ottoman Bazaar, which is thronged with souvenir sellers. The castle houses the History Museum and the Ethnographic Museum.

The town is the northernmost stronghold of the Bektashism and has server interesting Bektashi sites including a teqe within the castle and one dedicated to the Sufi saint Sarı Saltık, a 13th-century Alevi Turkish dervish, in the mountains above the town.

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