Albanopolis (Zgërdhesh)

Ruins in Krujë

Zgërdhesh, Kruja, Albania 01
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Pasztilla aka Attila Terbócs

Zgërdhesh is an archeological site in Albania near of the modern town of Kruja, in a village called Halilaj.

The Illyrian settlement was founded in the 7th or 6th century BC and flourished for the next 3 centuries, before being abandoned in the 2nd century BC. It was built on the hill like most Illyrian towns and had walls all along its 1,400 meters perimeter, with the acropolis occupies a third of the interior.

The ruins are somewhat of a mystery as they are not mentioned directly in ancient sources although some scholars believe that it is the site of ancient Albanopolis, which was referred to by Pliny the Elder as Arbanon. Ancient city of Albanopolis was the capital of the tribe Albans, from which Albania is named.

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Visiting Albanopolis (Zgërdhesh)

Address: Zgerdhesh, Fushe Kruje Albania
Duration: 1 hours

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