Berat: The Complete Guide

Berat, Mangalem Quarter, Albania
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Avi1111

Berat is located in the country’s south. It is surrounded by mountains and valleys, including the national park of Tomorr.
It is the distinctive typical architecture of this so-called “1000 Windows Town” that has placed Berat in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.
Beautifully separated into two historic districts by the Osum River, the area is joined by Gorica’s grandiose bridge.

Berat is also a haven for nature lovers, flanked on both sides by Tomorr and Shpirag, two of Albania’s most legendary mountains. Mountain climbing, running, camping, rafting and kayaking are just a few of the city’s popular outdoor activities.

Old churches, museums and iconography by the greatest Albanian artists as well as new bazaars, cafes and a remarkably lively city community are located in the medieval Castle of Berat.

Visiting Berat for the first time and wondering what are the top places to see in the city? In this complete guide, I share the best things to do in Berat on the first visit. To help you plan your trip, I have also included an interactive map and practical tips for visiting!

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16 Best places to See in Berat

This complete guide to Berat not only tells you about the very best sights and tourist attractions for first-time visitors to the city but also provide insights into a few of our personal favorite things to do.

This is a practical guide to visiting the best places to see in Berat and is filled with tips and info that should answer all your questions!

Berat Iconography Museum

Church Of St Mary, Berat, Albania 2013 09 01
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Pasztilla aka Attila Terbócs
The National Iconographic Museum  is a museum dedicated to Byzantine art and iconography in Berat, Albania. The museum is located inside the Church of the Dormition of St Mary which was built 1797 in the castle quarter Berat. The museum features on display 173 objects chosen among 1500 objects belonging to the found of Albanian Churches […]
Location: Berat, Albania | Hours: May - October, Every Day 9:00 - 18:00 November - April, Tuesday- Saturday, Sunday 9:00 - 16:00, 9:00 - 14:00 | Price: 200 ALL | Website | Distance: 0.10km
Visiting Berat Iconography Museum

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church Berat Albania 4
CC BY-SA 2.0 / Geoff Wong
The Holy Trinity Church is a medieval Byzantine church which stands on the hilly Kalaja district in Barat, Southern Albania. The picturesque Church is located below the upper fortress. It is the best preserved of the churches within the fortress walls. The is an inscription inside the church which contains the name of Andronicus Paleologus […]
Visiting Holy Trinity Church

Berat Castle

Public Domain / Gaius Claudius Nero
Berat Castle is more like a village within the walls of a castle. It has many names including the ‘Citadel of Berat’, ‘Castle Quarter’, and ‘Kalaja’ or ‘On the castle Hill’ It is one of the three areas of Berat and overlooks the town of Berat and lies high above the Osum River. The castle […]
Location: Rruga Mihal Komnena 5001 Berat Albania | Hours: 9am - 6pm. | Price: 100 lek | Distance: 0.20km
Visiting Berat Castle

Berat National Ethnographic Museum

Etnografic Museum Berat
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Tori Oseku
The National Ethnographic Museum of Berat, which opened in 1979, is located in a 18th century stone building. The ground floor of the building replicates a traditional medieval bazaar lined with embroidery, woodcarving and metalworks. On the second floor is an loom, village sitting room, kitchen and sitting room. The house’s front yard displays an […]
Location: Lagja 13 Shtatori, Mangalem, Berat, Albania | Distance: 0.60km
Visiting Berat National Ethnographic Museum

Mangalemi quarter

Berat, Mangalem Quarter, Albania
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Avi1111
The Mangalemi quarter is one of the three districts of Berat, and lies north of the Osumi River and to the south of Kalaja (on the Castle hill).  Mangalem, which historically is Islamic and was known as the Ottoman Quarter. Mangalem Quarter consists of narrow streets of old white stone houses with terracotta tiles, wooden […]
Visiting Mangalemi quarter

Gorica Quarter

Gorica quarter is the part of Berat that lies on the left bank of the river Osum.  The area decorated with cobbled paved streets, stone houses and small orthodox churches. From that side of the reiver you have magnificent views looking back over the Berat district of Mangalem. Following the Ottoman conquest of the are […]
Visiting Gorica Quarter

King's Mosque Berat

Xhamia Mbret E Beratit
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Augesti
There are three Islamic related buildings in the area, the King’s Mosque, Helveti teqe and the Inn of the Dervishes. The King Mosque, also known as the Sultan’s Mosque or Sultan Bayezid Mosque, was built in the 15th century and is one of the oldest in Albania.  It was built by the Ottoman sultan Bayezid […]
Visiting King's Mosque Berat

Bachelors' Mosque Berat

Berat, Meczet Kawalerów
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Marcin Konsek
The Bachelors’ Mosque of the 19th century is close to the River Osumi. It was built between 1826–1827 for unmarried young men from various city guilds who made extra money working as night guards at the city market. Its external walls are decorated with wall paintings.
Location: Rruga Antipatrea, Berat, Albania | Distance: 0.80km
Visiting Bachelors' Mosque Berat

Bulevardi Republika

View On Part Of Street Bulevardi Republika In The Center Of Town Berat.
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Karelj
This is a really nice long broad boulevard is lined by cafes and restaurants on one side and the Lulishtja park on the other. In the evenings it becomes absolutely full of people and has a wonderful atmosphere to it. There is a stunning backdrop of The Tomorr Mountain in one direction and the citadel in […]
Location: Bulevardi Republika, Berat, Albania | Distance: 1.00km
Visiting Bulevardi Republika

Lead Mosque Berat

CC BY-SA 4.0 / Sebleouf
The Lead Mosque also known as the Izgurli Mosque is a large 16th-century Mosque in Berat. It is gets its name from the lead coating its sphere-shaped dome.
Location: Rruga Gaqi Gjika Berat | Distance: 1.10km
Visiting Lead Mosque Berat

Gorica Castle

Fortification Of Gorica
All Rights Reserved / Albanian Tourism
The Gorica Castle Remains are of Illyrian origin and are found on the hill overlooking Berat, on the Gorica side. The castle dates back to the 4th Century and was built by the Parthini tribe of Illyrians at the same time they they built Berat castle across the valley. With both fortresses they were able […]
Visiting Gorica Castle

Çobo Winery

Cobo Winery
Wide stretches of the farmland around Berat are filled with vineyards. The Çobo family has a long tradition of producing wine, dating back to the early 1900’s. Production stopped in 1945 when private wine production was banned by the Communist  party, but started again. The Çobo Winery is located in the rolling hills that surround […]
Location: Ura Vajgurore Berat, Albania | Website | Distance: 10.50km
Visiting Çobo Winery

Ancient city of Dimali

Dimal In Illyria
© University of Cologne
Ruins of ancient city of Dimal located near the village of today Krotinë western slope the Shpiragu mountain. Dimali is recognized as one of the cities fortified southern Illyria and was an important city during the Macedonian-Roman wars 220-205 B.C. The city was fortified by walls and had a small a necropolis, some houses and an […]
Visiting Ancient city of Dimali

Tomorr Mountain & National Park

Tomorr Berat Albania
CC BY-SA 4.0 / godo godaj
Mount Tomorr is a southern Albanian mountain 2,417 metres above sea level and is located in the Tomorr National Park. The park is known for its diverse species of deciduous and coniferous trees and a wide variety of flora. Many endangered species, such as bears, wolf, and birds of prey live in the park. umerous […]
Visiting Tomorr Mountain & National Park

Bogove Waterfall

Bogroves Waterfalls
CC BY-SA 4.0 / malenki
The Bogova Waterfall (Albanian: Ujvari Bogovës) is a 20 meters waterfall that cascades down the rocks. The pool at the bottom is a deep jade color, is an exquisite still-untouched spot to get in touch with nature. They might be fairly small, but these waterfalls, which from a distance appear to disappear in and out […]
Visiting Bogove Waterfall

Osumi River Gorge

Skrapar Osum Canyon
CC BY-SA 2.0 / Fadion Dashi
The Osum Gorge is a 26km river gorge in southern Albania. The gorge is near the town of Çorovodë and the river Osum passes through that before flowing through the town of Berat. There are many small caves, caverns and ledges throughout the gorge. Some of the rock formations in the canyon have fanciful names […]
Location: Rruga e Kanioneve 5402 Çorovoda Albania | Distance: 33.40km
Visiting Osumi River Gorge

Best Time to Visit Berat

The best time to visit Berat, Albania, is during the late spring and early autumn months, typically from May to June and September to October. During these times, the weather is mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from the mid-teens to low 20s Celsius (60s to 70s Fahrenheit). The days are often sunny, making it perfect for exploring Berat’s historical sites, picturesque streets, and outdoor attractions.

Visiting Berat during the spring and autumn allows you to avoid the large crowds and high temperatures that occur during the peak summer months of July and August. With fewer tourists, you can enjoy a more tranquil and authentic experience, immersing yourself in the city’s rich history, culture, and charm without feeling overwhelmed.

Additionally, the shoulder seasons offer the opportunity to participate in local festivals and events that celebrate Berat’s culture, traditions, and heritage. You may also find better deals on accommodation and activities during these times compared to the peak summer season.

While visiting Berat during the winter months from November to March is possible, it may not be as popular due to cooler temperatures and fewer tourist amenities available. However, if you enjoy a quieter atmosphere and don’t mind cooler weather, you may still find value in visiting during this time, especially if you’re interested in exploring the city’s indoor attractions and nearby historical sites without the crowds.

Average Temperatures in Berat

  • January 13°C 16
  • February 16°C 14
  • March 18°C 14
  • April 23°C 10
  • May 26°C 10
  • June 32°C 6
  • July 36°C 2
  • August 35°C 2
  • September 31°C 11
  • October 26°C 13
  • November 19°C 18
  • December 15°C 15