Berat City Guide

Berat is located in the country’s south. It is surrounded by mountains and valleys, including the national park of Tomorr.
It is the distinctive typical architecture of this so-called “1000 Windows Town” that has placed Berat in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.
Beautifully separated into two historic districts by the Osum River, the area is joined by Gorica’s grandiose bridge.

Berat is also a haven for nature lovers, flanked on both sides by Tomorr and Shpirag, two of Albania’s most legendary mountains. Mountain climbing, running, camping, rafting and kayaking are just a few of the city’s popular outdoor activities.

Old churches, museums and iconography by the greatest Albanian artists as well as new bazaars, cafes and a remarkably lively city community are located in the medieval Castle of Berat.

16 Best things to See in Berat

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